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It took me 7 tries to get my quake badge on white2. My 5th old did it in 1. #pokemon #pokemaster #black2 #white2 #dewottftw

It took me 7 tries to get my quake badge on white2. My 5th old did it in 1. #pokemon #pokemaster #black2 #white2 #dewottftw

With his village destroyed, he took up an enemies blade and began a new journey… #theredchef #lego #gaming

With his village destroyed, he took up an enemies blade and began a new journey… #theredchef #lego #gaming


So for all the people doing the Ice bucket challenge just cause there friends want them to….

example above,

lets get a fad going that was actually fun to do.

bring them back!




Oh my god my prof is late and everyone is chilling and suddenly someone yelled “WHO HAS POKEMON” AND THE CLASS EXPLODED

image I’m in college


I remember skipping a class to go pickup my copy of ruby with the holographic coin!

Madeline has MOBA blood in her! First #adventuretime battle party, next league of legends! #gaming #lol


Steve Argyle - Legend of the Five Rings release - #303

A Line in the Sand Kobi Sensei, card # 104/156

The Legend of the Five Rings expansion set A Line in the Sand released on August 18, 2014.  This is the first of two cards illustrated by Steve Argyle in the set.

This card is an uncommon.

Steve revealed this artwork on his tumblr blog on January 7, 2014L5R.com used this artwork in their banner for the set in their initial announcement on July 7, 2014.

There is a pretty excellent resolution of the full art pictured above from the L5R website.  I want to point out the detail in terms of size on the card.  The resolution here translates to about 750 dpi on the card image making the knot in the detail box fit inside half of a 1/4” square, the leaves individually being less than 1/16” long, and the sunflower-shaped metallic element on the shoulder strap of her armor being only 1/32” across on the card.

Each of those elements can be scrutinized for their realism but nearly disappear into a sea of detail on the card.  So much less detail could work fine at this size but Steve gives us a ton of it.

It can be overdone.  Lavalanche and Deathreap Ritual are both examples of Steve’s work where there is too much detail to properly present at card size.  This card isn’t like those.  The level of detail is probably pretty close to a maximum but is definitely within reasonable limits for clarity.

There are so many different kinds of textures in this piece that any one of them could go unnoticed.  The story element of this image could be so many things, but a long journey seems to be the basic idea.  There are so many kinds of energy disappearing into the background, the river, the sunlight, the wind, as indicated by the leaves, and the spiritual energy, as indicated by the ribbons of light.  Everything is distant, including her expression.  She has a look of far-away thought, possibly inward.  The scar on her face asks the first of many questions.  How did that happen?  Where is she coming from?  Where is she going?  What is she thinking about?  Her clothing is a mass of trophies.  Trophies inherently have stories to tell.  Adding that to everything else in this image I believe the overarching theme can be summed up as “history.”

God I miss L5R

The artwork Steve creates as do all the other artists is simply inspiring.  No one in South Jersey Plays, let alone carries the game.  


7:20 AM


In the backwoods of Wisconsin, an experiment is underway. Briefly, for Zelda Huntz, it is 7:15 AM. She is learning time travel. Her progress will be slowed briefly in the next few years as she struggles with the weight of her discovery.

She masters the power in 2018.

By 2028, she has commercialized time travel. She selects clients carefully and monitors their trips. She is an excellent business woman.

As a wisconsin born villain now occupying the east coast.

My team applaudes your work, and tracks your progress with eager eyes.

~ Dizastrow, future tyranasaur of the Empire states

Teaching my daughter to shuffle early. Pro gamer in the works. #gaming #gamergirls #mtg #cards

#moustache #christmastreeshops

#moustache #christmastreeshops

for a post, see my magic blog mtgdeckcheck

for a post, see my magic blog mtgdeckcheck